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What Is FxForexTrader.com?

Fx Forex Trader is a platform to connect you with news and the proper education that makes the path to financial prosperity and freedom easier for everyone.

If you are interested in investing your money in the financial market, then you are in the right place. FxForexTrader will take you there.

We created and will be creating a series of blogs and articles that will help you in your daily forex trading regime, focusing on the Money Management, Profitable Strategies, and the Plan of Excursion for your daily trade plan.

Our Founder

Like everyone who is visiting this website. I am a family man

My Story with Forex started 12 years ago when I wanted another source of income besides my income.

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Ahmed Altoukhy

After finishing 5 years of Architectural studies, around 2008 I saw one of these flashy ads that promised me to earn 20,000$ per month in less than 3 weeks.

Off course I went in and put all my money (10,253$ to be exact)  in one of the reputable companies back then. They assigned a special account manager who should give me the “TRADING SIGNALS” which is as they say “ALWAYS PROFITABLE”

 He sent me his signal and i Placed the trade risking more than 40% of my account. 

I can’t believe I did that but, I lost 4000$ in just one trade.



basedIn spite of I had my dought on how they justify their trading signals, I totally disagree that this will continue “I need to understand how does it work”

After a couple of trades using the trading signals service, and a lot of trades some winning and a lot of losing trades, I lost around 9700$++ from my total money in less than a month. 

I knew that Forex Trading can make me a lot of money, but I was sure that I was trading the wrong way.

I stoped trading back then because I realized that if I want to trade the financial market, I have to do it the right way. and obviously signal providers is not the right approach for me.

I knew that I will not stop Forex trading, I fell in love with the environment, the news, the technical analysis ..etc  “I Love It” 

I studied economies in 2012 and I took my diploma in economic studies, I knew back then that i will stop architecture one day, It is only a matter of time.

Reason for creating Fx Forex Trader.

The main reason for creating this website is that there is a clear hype out. and the No. 1 Hype out there is the trade based on technical analysis. 

back in the days I was looking for a good course / Mentor that can explain why with the perfect technical setup the price action can absolutely move to the opposite direction. Now we all understand here it is based on the supply and demand But

If the setup is perfect, don’t i have the odds to move the price action in my direction? or at least a little bit

The real number one reason for Fx Forex Trader is to teach people that the main way to trade is based on the fundamental analysis, and the technical analysis is only a way of confirmation to enter the trade