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50 Pips a Day Forex Strategy | The Best Forex Strategy gives 50 pips daily.

Making 50 pips a day in the forex market seems impossible, but with the practice and proper risk management, you can make the impossible and make money trading FOREX In forex trading, understanding the entirety of a particular strategy and utilizing it in your trades is a way forward to success. Most traders prefer to […]

How To Make Money In Forex Without Actually Trading. (Copy | Mirror trading Intro).

“How do I earn money from forex without trading?” Have you ever opened a few trading sites and see many statistics, graphs, and other confusing digits that you know nothing about, so you decide to backtrack and close it? If you could ask yourself why you decided to open it, it would be either it’s […]

Why Forex Traders Fail (7 Ultimate Reasons Why Traders Fail Trading Forex)

According to the statistics provided by most Forex brokers, “95% of traders fail” or “only the highest 5% of traders succeed in trading.” this suggests that out of 100 traders who fund their trading accounts at the beginning of a trading year, only 5 of those traders will close the year with extra money than […]

Best 1 Hour Forex Trading Strategy | The Double Tops and Bottoms Trading Strategy

As the name suggests, a 1-hour trading strategy is centred on a 1-hour market chart. Usually, Traders use a 1-hour trading strategy when they do not have sufficient time. Therefore, instead of keeping eyes on the screens, they can check the chart once every 1 hour.  Traders can take advantage of a 1-hour time-frame in […]

9 Reasons to Trade Forex Right Now (Is Forex Trading Worth it?)

There are various reasons why you should trade forex, which ranges from high volatility and liquidity to Zero commission fee. As a market place for many institutional clients and business organisation, it has proven 100% functionality, and as of now, trillions of dollars are traded daily on the forex market. Anyone aspiring to become a […]