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Swing Trade with A Full-time Job, Master the 3 Swing Trade Strategies

Planning to ditch your job and go trade full time?  Please don’t. Keep your job and grow a small trading account. You need to learn a lot before joining the trade. Yes, it’s possible to swing trade with a full-time job. It won’t eat most of your time. It’s not like day trading where you […]

Start Forex Trading with $1 (One US Dollar)

While many traders spent hundreds of dollars to start in the Forex trading industry, newbie traders can now start Forex trading with one US dollar. Today, there is already a rising number of Forex brokers who allow traders to open a real trading account for just a minimum deposit of 1 USD (One US dollar). […]

4 Effective Forex Trading Strategies for Beginners

You’ve started forex trading and it’s not working but you continue in the hope of earning more someday than what you’ve lost today. This is the situation of every beginner trader- hoping to make it BIG in forex. So many renowned and rich traders who started with little have probably inspired you to continue to […]

The Ultimate Guide of Reversal Pattern

           In Forex, some specific price action patterns do occur frequently; traders for long utilise this pattern to enter highly effective trades. The reversal pattern is just one among those many price action patterns out there. Although the reversal pattern counters trend movement, it is very effective and can accumulate massive profits in a […]

50 Pips a Day Forex Strategy | The Best Forex Strategy gives 50 pips daily.

Making 50 pips a day in the forex market seems impossible, but with the practice and proper risk management, you can make the impossible and make money trading FOREX In forex trading, understanding the entirety of a particular strategy and utilizing it in your trades is a way forward to success. Most traders prefer to […]